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Sisters in Public Health

In 2017 Sisters in Public Health was established as an association to promote self-care amongst women at UTHealth School of Public Health in Houston, Texas. The goal was to create a safe and empowering environment to talk about being a woman in leadership, self-care, breaking down barriers and overcoming life’s challenges. Sisters in Public Health has now expanded to a Facebook group to connect women in public health and share opportunities. Sisters in Public Health has quarterly meet ups in Houston, Texas. 

Sisters in Public Health is excited to announce the $1,000 scholarship to be awarded in August 2020 for school year 2020-2021. 

Eligibility criteria: 

· Public Health student in a Masters or Doctorate level program 

· Completed at least 1 term as a full-time student 

· Identifies as a woman in Public Health

· Attends school in the United States

· 3.0 cumulative GPA

Scholarship timeline: 

March 1: Scholarship opens

May 1: Scholarship deadline (11:59pm)

July 1: Scholarship winner notified 

July 15: Scholarship winner must accept by (11:59pm)

August 1-15: Scholarship awarded 

Join the Facebook group, “Sisters in Public Health” for further updates. 

Questions? Contact via email: SistersinPublicHealth@gmail.com

Connect with Committee members via LinkedIn: 

Angela N. Frazier, MPH

MicKayla Jones, MPH

Ellie Kalatzi, MPH

Adar Thompson, MPH


Scholarship application available today!